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University Office Functional Design

Client’s need: A space that is designed for FIVE different functions:

  • A functional and organized workspace for day-to-day work;
  • A refined meeting space to welcome visitors, senior staff and business partners;
  • An inspirational space for staff meetings of up to 8 people (which accommodates laptops, wide-screen TV and/or whiteboard);
  • A space for winter coats and boots as well as extra bags;
  • A mini-kitchen space to cater to “not-enough-time-to-eat” days;

Constraints: Because we were working within a University environment, we had to respect several design constraints:

  • Egress windows cannot be blocked (even by curtain panels);
  • Heating, pipes, and AC cannot be blocked (even by sheer items);
  • The carpet was standard and provided by University;
  • Working desk, chair, and bookcase purchased by University;
  • Standard features (drop ceiling, pipes, and cables on walls) cannot be touched;