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Lady Beekman is a customer-focused, minority-owned company, that organizes, designs and engineers solutions for your spaces. We aim to curate your home’s unique personality by understanding your lifestyle and budget, and create environments that are organized, efficient and simplified.

We partner with each of our clients through personal consultations, and actively listening to the challenges they face in the living spaces that matter. Our approach will change how you look at your spaces, how you use storage most effectively, and how, with the right processes, you can make the most out of style and function.



Make It Neat

By using an iterative Continuous Improvement methodology called 5S, we will lead you through these steps toward organization for any of your spaces: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.


Make It Pretty

By using collaborative and thoughtful frameworks, we will help you define the aesthetic for your space, and plan the best path for how to achieve the vision we set together.


Make It Work

We bring engineering principles to solve your problems (big and small) to make your life more efficient, more orderly, and more convenient. Spaces need to work together, things need to be where they are most useful, and processes are what we use to connect it all together.