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Engineer : Make it work

We bring engineering principles to solve your problems (big and small) to make your life more functional, more efficient, and more orderly. Spaces need to work together, things need to be where they are most useful, and processes are what we use to connect it all together.


We collaborate on: A consultation about your challenges and frustrations around inefficient spaces or processes

I provide you: A reengineering plan that will help you achieve optimal efficiency through:

  • Identifying root causes and ways of addressing them
  • Action plan to implement new ways of doing things, potentially including:
      • Space or layout redesign
      • Systems that need to be in place (calendars, lists, labels, kanbans)
      • Shopping list of any needed items
      • Remodeling
  • Project status Follow-up


Additional Services (NJ local clients only):

Hands-on execution of your project and turn-key installation

Engineering Services Inquiry