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Organize : Make it Neat

By using an iterative Continuous Improvement methodology called 5S, we will lead you through these steps toward organization for any of your spaces: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.


You provide me: Photos, details and correct measurements

We collaborate on:  30-60 min consultation to discuss your challenges, style, and objectives

I provide you:  An organization plan that will help you achieve your goals through:

  • Plan for sorting, setting things in order and methodically shining your space
  • Shopping list of items needed to help standardize your space
  • Processes to help you sustain the order
  • Project status Follow-up


Small Spaces $250

Small closets, cabinets or vanity, kitchen drawers

Medium Spaces $350

Walk-in closets, small bedrooms, laundry rooms, toy storage

Large Spaces $500

Master bedrooms, one-car garages, complete kitchen, complete bath, playrooms

Extra-large Spaces $750

Two-car garages, corporate meeting rooms, laboratories


Additional Services:

Hands-on execution of your project $85/hour

Half day (4 hours) of sorting/purging $300

Shopping/return of all supplies $150

Travel beyond 30-mile radius of 08540 $30/hour

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