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We are Matt and Lígia, two Industrial Engineers who have dedicated our professional careers to Process Improvement and our weekends to Home Improvement.  We happened to fall madly in love along the way.

Matt, the problem solver and all-around handyman of the team, is an innovation leader in a technology company. Lígia, the technical eye and font of inspiration, made the transition from corporate life to stay-at-home mom in 2010 (when our two kids arrived), to CEO of her Organization and Design company in 2019. Together, we apply simple engineering practices at home to live a life that is organized, efficient, and simplified.

With a decade of renovation lessons at our starter townhome behind us, we took on a bigger, more ambitious project. We purchased our suburban homestead and quickly found out she is a sassy, classy, and idiosyncratic diva. Her personality is so present that we named her Lady Beekman. Though she was neglected before she was ours, we have poured ourselves into renovations big and small to restore this 1950s lady’s beauty. Every day we are challenged to be more flexible, creative, and organized.

This is our love story with Lady Beekman.

Ligia Wiechnik

CEO | Lead Designer

Hi! I am Lígia (phonetically: LEE-jee-ah)! I am a Brazilian transplant living in NJ with my ever-so-American husband Matt. We make a great team, with complementing styles and outlooks both in life and in our renovation projects. We are raising two little human beings in our ongoing project home.  

I am an Industrial Engineer by training, but have always had the soul of an artist. Even though I innately excelled at Process Improvement as an engineer, it wasn’t until I “retired” from corporate life to be a full-time mom that I found the space to explore the intersection of efficient function and stylish comfort. 

Friends and family were always curious about the projects I’ve done, and asked for my help with their daily challenges: a morning routine suggestion, a closet redo here, a pantry rebuild there, curating a photo collection, labeling a spice drawer, organizing mementos, a new kitchen layout… 

Lady Beekman, LLC was born with the hope of sharing the knowledge I have successfully used, distilled and taught to help make your every day life more organized, efficient and simplified.

Matt Wiechnik

Chief Construction Officer

Hey there! I’m Matt, the willing second fiddle here at Lady Beekman. As a lifelong resident of New Jersey, I know there are many pros and cons about being a homeowner here, but we’ve made a commitment to turn our homes into something special.

I have worked as a process improvement and innovation engineer for over 20 years, so it’s only natural that I would bring some practical problem-solving when it comes to improving our home life. While some people are driven by aesthetics (Lígia), I’m more of a creature driven by convenience – a little upfront planning to simplify is rewarded by less long-term confusion, mess, or effort.

As the handyman of Lady Beekman, my general construction skills are still a work in progress. I’m self-taught in basic carpentry and electrical, and willing to experiment with most tasks before calling in a professional. My contributions will cover the challenges of DIY, the lessons I learn, and the sometimes non-linear iterations it takes to get from good to great.