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About Us

In order for you to keep up with Lady Beekman at Home, let me first introduce you to my better half…

Matt has worked as a Process Improvement Engineer for over 25 years, and is an Innovation Leader in a technology company. Matt is a creature driven by convenience who brings real practical problem-solving skills when it comes to improving our home life. As the handyman of our “home team”, he brings my designs to realization being self-taught in basic carpentry and electrical, and willing to experiment with most tasks before calling in a professional!

We are two complementary-opposites Industrial Engineers who have dedicated our professional careers to Process Improvement, our weekends to Home Improvement, and happened to fall madly in love, have two kids, and a puppy along the way.

With a decade of renovation lessons at our started townhome behind us (before and after photos here), we took on a bigger, more ambitious project. We purchased our suburban homestead and quickly found out she is a sassy, classy, and idiosyncratic diva! Though she was neglected before she was ours, we have continuously poured ourselves into renovations big and small to restore this 1950s lady’s beauty (before and after photos here)

Friends often ask us if we knew what we were getting into when we purchased the house… yes and no. Yes, we knew she needed some love. No, we didn’t know to which extent. Yet, this is how our love blossomed for this home. It was the catalyst for our transformation and growth as we transformed as our own home. We challenged each other. We became more flexible. More organized together. And we even write, in long form, some of our irreverent adventures, anecdotes, or life musings with Old Beekman in our blog.


Amethyst, The Gem of a Townhome

Before and After Photos of our first family home.

Old Beekman, The 1950s Diamond in the Rough

Before, Work-In-Progress and After Photos of our current home.

Our blog...

Long form irreverent home and life musings!