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Lady Beekman is a minority-owned design company that curates your space’s unique personality by understanding your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Our customer-centered approach creates environments that explore the intersection of efficient function and elegant comfort by curating your taste with our expertise.


We partner with each of our clients through personal consultations, and by actively listening to the challenges they face in their living spaces. Using collaborative and thoughtful frameworks, we will guide you to define an aesthetic, make your space more efficient, and plan the best path for how to achieve the vision we set together.


Lady Beekman CEO & Lead Designer Lígia Wiechnik integrates artistic vision with practical engineering principles to achieve designs with extraordinary attention to detail. Born in Brazil, Lígia studied Industrial Engineering in the US and lived among the culture and art in France, Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Her global sensibilities can translate who you are into the perfect living spaces around you.


Recent client successes range from multi-purpose spaces in custom homes, academic and personal offices, to luxury vacation rentals.

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Lígia Wiechnik


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