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Home Design & Artwork Organization

We added charm and personality to our clients’ cookie-cutter townhome in a 55 and over community, creatively displaying their art collection…

University Office Functional Design

We designed a highly functional office space, on a college Professor’s budget, to serve five different needed functions…

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Thanks for coming along on Lady Beekman’s journey as we restore this 1950’s home to a beautiful and functional refuge that matches the needs of our modern lives. Lady Beekman isn’t just the home that inspires us, but also the spirit of sharing our everyday experiences to make life more organized, simplified, and tranquil.

Lady Beekman Says

One of my favorite projects to do with my son is transforming his flimsy LEGO instruction booklets into a nearly indestructible reference binder he will have forever (bonus: they make organization a breeze for the kiddos!). Sure, it is a small investment on top of the already-invested LEGO set. Yet, it is a smart investment that will save resources in the long run!

You will need a three-hole binder (unless the set is huge, a 1/2″ binder suffices), three-hole plastic protector sheets (I purchase them in bulk), scissors, and a way to label your final binder. (I make one instruction manual per binder, but you may choose to do them by theme, collection, etc.)

  1. Fill your binder with a good amount of plastic sheets and close the ring.
  2. Take your original LEGO instruction manual and either by folding a line in the crease and hand cutting, or using your scissors, detach each sheet from your original booklet, being careful not to rip the pages (they really are absurdly thin!).
  3. Place each individual instruction sheet in a plastic protector (you don’t want to double them as LEGO instruction booklets have instructions on both sides!)
  4. Make sure you place all sheets facing the same direction so your child doesn’t go crazy flipping their binder back and forth to follow the instructions).
  5. Repeat until you are done with the booklet, adding more plastic sheet as needed.
  6. Label your artwork, and enjoy!