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Home Design & Artwork Organization

We added charm and personality to our clients’ cookie-cutter townhome in a 55 and over community, creatively displaying their art collection…

University Office Functional Design

We designed a highly functional office space, on a college Professor’s budget, to serve five different needed functions…


Thanks for coming along on Lady Beekman’s journey as we restore this 1950’s home to a beautiful and functional refuge that matches the needs of our modern lives. Lady Beekman isn’t just the home that inspires us, but also the spirit of sharing our everyday experiences to make life more organized, simplified, and tranquil.

Lady Beekman Says

Kanban, the Japanese word for “visual signal”, is a process improvement methodology used since the 1940s to foster clear communication of what work needs to be done and when. 

Some proven benefits of Kanban are not holding more stock than you need (more space, less clutter, no items expiring), cutting expenses (not buying more than you need), and having items available when you need to use them.

Kanban can be used in many facets of your life. Today, let’s focus on kitchen replenishment systems (aka. how not to run out of needed ingredients while not keeping a warehouse in your basement):

  1. Set a place for your back-stock (aka. pantry);
  2. Organize your products by category and give each category a “home” (a designated space such as a box, a drawer…);
  3. Set each “home” with the amount of product you would use on a regular cycle (your regular cycle is the amount of time between your shopping/replenishment trips); 
  4. Now, set the visual cue and the replenishment trigger (this doesn’t need to be fancy, just work, without fail, for you and your family!).