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Home Design & Artwork Organization

We added charm and personality to our clients’ cookie-cutter townhome in a 55 and over community, creatively displaying their art collection…

University Office Functional Design

We designed a highly functional office space, on a college Professor’s budget, to serve five different needed functions…

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Thanks for coming along on Lady Beekman’s journey as we restore this 1950’s home to a beautiful and functional refuge that matches the needs of our modern lives. Lady Beekman isn’t just the home that inspires us, but also the spirit of sharing our everyday experiences to make life more organized, simplified, and tranquil.

Lady Beekman Says

One of my favorite things about Continuous Improvement is the tenet of decomposing big projects into small, achievable steps, or  “how not to get overwhelmed by the ‘whole’”.

When thinking about organization or home improvement, the ‘whole’ can be so overwhelming, that you feel paralyzed. Process Improvement encourages us to look one small, achievable step at a time. Break the process down. Start with the low-hanging fruit. A small success will give you the courage to take another step, then another, then another.