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Home Design & Artwork Organization

We added charm and personality to our clients’ cookie-cutter townhome in a 55 and over community, creatively displaying their art collection…

University Office Functional Design

We designed a highly functional office space, on a college Professor’s budget, to serve five different needed functions…


Thanks for coming along on Lady Beekman’s journey as we restore this 1950’s home to a beautiful and functional refuge that matches the needs of our modern lives. Lady Beekman isn’t just the home that inspires us, but also the spirit of sharing our everyday experiences to make life more organized, simplified, and tranquil.

Lady Beekman Says

The new year (often) brings a renewed sense of hope, vigor, and life goals. As someone who suffers from anxiety and seasonal affect disorder (SAD), and is an avid mental and emotional health advocate, here is a simple reminder: your social media consumption should NOT make you feel emotionally hungover and “less than”, but inspired to take a small action step! 

What small step will you take to improve your life today? Meditate or pray? Journal your day? Drink 8 oz. of water? Forgo the sugar for the day? Exercise for any amount of time? Clean that one small “crap” drawer? Dress up? Put on make up? Fix that leaky shower?

Mental and emotional health looks different for everyone. Today, my small step is finishing to paint a ceiling!